Genuine Bernese hazelnut gingerbread

Bernese hazelnut gingerbread – made to our own original recipe from 1933

Hazelnut gingerbread has its roots in an old Bernese tradition. It is the perfect gift for all capital city dwellers and homesick Bernese – for every hazelnut lover, too, of course!

Our Bernese hazelnut gingerbread is made here in Lyssach to a traditional recipe dating from 1933, using the finest ingredients such as hazelnuts, almonds, honey and cinnamon.  The embellishments such as the eyes and tongues are still drawn by hand to this day.

Hazelnut gingerbread is available in sizes from a 7 g treat up to a 500 g piece, always decorated with the traditional “Bern bear”.

The 250 g and 500 g pieces of gingerbread are traditionally packed and sold individually in a pretty cardboard carton.