Our marzipan is made on state-of-the-art production machinery and lovingly shaped and painted by hand

In the marzipan kitchen, various types of sugar and almonds are mixed together and processed to make moulding marzipan.

Then, the moulding marzipan is pressed into the various moulds.

The figures are released from the moulds by hand.

Special tools are used to clean up the edges before the eyes are pressed in and the contours drawn, all done by hand – the figure begins to come to life.

After moulding, the figure arrives in the painting area. Our example shows a mouse with cheese being brought to life.

All the colours, brushes, piping bags, etc. are made ready at the work station.

First, the mouse is given its red cheeks with the aid of a fine brush.

After the red cheeks, the black-edged ears are added.


An airbrush is used to give the mouse its slightly pink ears and traditional grey colour.

The mouse is allowed to dry for a short time and …

is given its white and black spots for eyes and nose with the aid of a piping bag and …


...finally its red tongue.

The next stage is to mould the cheese – again by hand. Small balls of marzipan are pressed into a plastic mould.

The piece of cheese is moistened and …


...stuck to the mouse.

The cute marzipan mice with their pieces of cheese are now finished.

Now it’s off to the packing area.
Each individual mouse is carefully placed in the bag by hand.


The bags are heat-sealed.
Each mouse is given its ingredients list and placed in the made-to-measure carton.

Once the carton has also been labelled, the mice are ready for dispatch.