Nowadays, the production of marzipan is fully automated with state-of-the-art mechanised systems

It is one of the manufacturing processes that reconcile tradition, modernity and quality. As you would expect, the production involves a great deal of know-how, many years of experience, marked quality awareness, state-of-the-art production engineering and the use of choice raw materials and ingredients.

Before the marzipan paste is made, the raw aromatic almonds are processed freshly in-house with their skin. They are then cleaned and blanched in hot water so that the loosened brown skin can be removed in huskers with pairs of rotating rubber rollers.

Electronic sorting machines winnow out sub-standard almonds, with additional personnel removing any remaining sub-standard almonds by hand.

Every marzipan manufacturer naturally has recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation. These recipes, which are subject to strict regulations, are stored in the modern, computer-controlled systems. The almonds, sugar and water are automatically weighed, crushed and mixed according to these product recipes.

Then, the paste is gently heated to 100°C and held at this temperature for a certain period. After controlled cooling, the marzipan paste is kneaded with icing sugar to make fine marzipan and carefully packed.