The foundation stone for today’s olo marzipan O. Lohner AG was laid by the company’s founder Otto Lohner in Ostermundigen in 1933. The protected “olo” logo, which is well known in the trade, is derived from the first letters of his first name and surname.

Around 60 persons work in the present-day factory, with an output of some 2,000 tonnes of products per year. One of the best-known products is the classic orange marzipan carrot, found on almost every carrot cake.

The olo marzipan company continues to be a family business, now run by the third generation.

Otto Lohner and his wife Maria started manufacturing marzipan products in their three-room apartment in 1933.

In 1940, he built the first marzipan factory in Ostermundigen.

In 1968, the headquarters were moved from Ostermundigen to their present location in Lyssach.

Today’s olo marzipan, a family business run by the third generation, still based in Lyssach, adjacent to the A1 motorway, but now in prestigious company including IKEA, Conforama, Möbelpfister, etc.