Marzipan figures – lovingly made by hand

Our marzipan figures are lovingly finished by hand. Fruits, vegetables, animals, hamburgers – almost anything can be moulded in marzipan.

Thanks to skilled craftsmanship, our fruits look as though they ripened on the tree. You could put together an entire zoo with our range of animals.

We constantly strive to expand our range and align it to current customer needs. Consequently, we offer a wide range that extends from assorted animals to fruits and vegetables as well as foods such as hamburgers or muffins.

For orders of 100 or more items, we will also produce figures to specific customer requirements, either in respect of the figure itself or concerning the marzipan recipe used. Our staff will be pleased to advise you regarding feasibility.

Incidentally, when it comes to the packaging, various personalisation options are available as well – your own label, a raised welded seam, loose in cartons.

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