A delicacy made from caramelised sugar and almonds – traditionally prepared in a copper kettle

As a bunny at Easter or a piglet at Christmastime – nougat is always popular

At Easter in the form of bunnies or eggs, with or without filling, with elaborate sugar or marzipan decor or simply plain, our nougat sweetens every palate! For Christmas, we shape our nougat into piglets as a good luck symbol.

Traditional confectionery art from the copper kettle

The first step in the manufacturing process is to caramelise the sugar in the copper kettle, simply relying on the traditional confectioner’s skill. Then, the chopped or finely flaked almonds – always freshly prepared in-house – are added while stirring carefully yet vigorously. The hot paste is poured onto a stone slab, cooled slightly, flattened and moulded to our traditional bunny, egg or piglet shapes, depending on its intended use. Finally, the nougat figures are given a pretty appearance – a steady hand lends each of the nougat animals its cute eyes and the eggs their attractive sugar glaze.


Olo bestseller!_Little nougat eggs filled with gianduja

Have you tried them yet? Nibble with care! They may be addictive.