Sustainability policy of Olo Marzipan

To strive for a balance between economic success, protection of the environment and social responsibility – this basic attitude has been a lasting integral part of the corporate culture of olo marzipan for decades already.

We pursue the topics of environment and sustainability with a long term view and in a business-like manner in all our activities along the value chain. We undertake to comply with environmental law requirements in the course of our business activities and to preserve the natural bases of life.

In order to achieve these goals, we pursue the following principles.


Responsibility for environmental protection

Environmental protection and sustainability are a declared corporate objective. Within the context of an integrated approach, all relevant corporate sectors are taken into account. The essential approach is an active, voluntary and early examination of the topic of environmental protection and sustainability. On the basis of statutory requirements and the state of the art, we strive for a continuous improvement in internal environmental protection achievements by technical and organisational measures.

Responsibility for human beings

Minimising the environmental pollution caused by production and products is at the centre of our environmental protection activities. This applies in particular for the careful treatment of natural resources and reduction of emissions. We pursue the avoidance of environmental damage during normal operation with the same intensity as making provisions for exceptional situations. We promote all our employees’ awareness of the need for acting responsibly towards the environment.

Environmental management system

Compliance with statutory and official environmental regulations forms the basis for our actions. The application and efficacy of the regulations of the management system are checked in discussions with employees and inspections. Measures for the constant improvement of our processes, procedures and structures come into being from the employees’ ideas and the internal end external reviews.