Olo Marzipan has dedicated itself to the principle of top-quality for over 80 years.

Based on the unique combination of traditional recipes and state-of-the-art production technology we manufacture marzipan of an exceptional quality.
Our selection process begins with our choice of suppliers. We only purchase ingredients that meet our special selection criteria.

"Olo" warrants for high-quality ingredients and carefully manufactured products, which are famous for their special consistency, characteristic taste and confectionary creations.


Olo Marzipan only manufactures and sells first-class products. Our company philosophy focuses on.

  • First-class product quality

  • High-quality ingredients and recipes that impressive with their great taste

  • Up-to-date scientific nutritional knowledge is used in further product development

  • Products with consistently good taste

  • Professional production methods with immaculate sanitary standards

  • Olo products go straight from the production facilities in Lyssach to customers in Switzerland and abroad